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Custom Cages

Are you wanting a type of aviary or bird cage that you can't find so far on Royal Finch? Please let us know what you require and we'll see what we can do! As we make all our cages right here in Australia, custom orders are possible. See below for some examples of custom cages we've recently done for a range of customers.

The cage shown below was a custom cage based on the Patio Sanctuary range. It was made in double standard depth, a full skirt, solid back wall, safety entry cage, insulated mini fluted iron roof in Woodland Grey. Most of these upgrades have now been incorporated into optional upgrades in the Patio Sanctuary range so customers can easily 'create' the ideal cage for their birds and their backyard



The cage below was also a custom aviary based on the Patio Sanctuary range. This customer wanted a slimline safety entry cage to ensure their bird could not escape.



The photo below shows a Bird Gazebo Deluxe with three solid back walls in Woodland Grey with a black frame. This again has been now added to our range so it can easily be purchased from the main product page.



Fiona from Victoria now has an amazing setup in her backyard for her finches. She has two of our extended Parrot Pavilion aviaries with peaked roof, enclosed back and side walls, black frame, Monument Colorbond and are joined with one safety entry cage for easy and safe access to both her aviaries. Just looks fanastic! 


Parrot Pavilion Grand


Parrot Pavilion Deluxe