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Bird Gazebo Deluxe

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The Bird Gazebo Deluxe is a great modern indoor or outdoor bird aviary that comes with a wide range of customizable options.

This aviary is available in either a silver (clear anodized aluminium) or a black anodized aluminium frame, choice of galvanised or stainless steel mesh in 25mm or 12.7mm sizes, solid walls and skirts, peaked or flat roofs with or without insulation as well as safety entry cages to prevent accidenlty escapes.

Customize your Bird Gazebo below or call us if there is something else you need to make your aviary perfect for your needs.   

  • Made from strong, yet light-weight, aluminium frame in a choice of 2 colours: clear anodized (silver colour) or black anodizedTwo Ways to Order
  • Measures 1.6m wide (point to point) and 1.9m high (also available 1.3 wide or 2.4m wide)
  • Strong 2.5mm thick galvanised mesh walls with 25mm squares (smaller mesh, stainless steel and powder coating of the mesh available)
  • Stainless steel hinges and quality safety latches on both sides of door
  • Many optional upgrades available to fully customise your Bird Gazebo
  • Takes around 1-1.5 hours to assemble, with detailed illustrated instructions provided


Made in AustraliaAustralian Made

Royal Finch aviaries are made in Willaston in South Australia but a small family owned business. Quality materials and workmanship is the focus of the business with products lasting the test of time. Freight is available Australia wide.


Aluminium Framework Colour

Royal Finch aviaries are made using specially designed, strong aluminium framework. The mesh or Colorbond mini-fluted iron fits snugly inside a channel so there are no sharp or unsightly edges inside or outside your cage. Unlike steel or timber, aluminium will not rot, rust or deteriorate in the weather. You can be sure that your investment in a Royal Finch avairy will be worthwhile with aviary looking just as great in many years time. The gazebos are made standard using clear anodized aluminium (silver in colour) but these can also be made using black extrusion for an alternative, modern look.


Mesh Size & Finish

The Bird Gazebo Deluxe aviaries can be made in either galvanized mesh or stainless steel mesh. The following sizes and finishes are available:

  • Standard galvanised mesh - 25mm squares with 2.5mm wire thickness (provided as standard)
  • Mini galvanised mesh - 12.7mm squares with 1.6mm wire thickness (better for smaller birds such as finches)
  • Stainless steel mesh - 25mm squares with 2.0mm wire thickness (good for birds such as parrots who like to chew on the mesh)
  • Mini stainless steel mesh - 12.7mm squares with 1.6mm wire thickness
  • All of these mesh types can also be powder coated black in colour. Powder coated mesh is great for enabling you to see your birds more prominantly as it essentially makes the mesh 'disappear' from a visual standpoint. 

The mesh used on these cages are very strong and is difficult to accidentally damage. Both mesh sizes are much stronger than standard aviary mesh seen on most cages on the market today. Stainless steel mesh is the best option for a parrot as they use their beak to help them move around their cage and of course love to chew!


Choice of Solid Walls & Skirts

The standard aviary walls and roof are made with mesh but you can chose to have 3 of the walls on the back of your cage made with mini fluted Colorbond iron for additional protection from the elements for your birds. Please ask if you need more or less enclosed walls and we can provide the pricing for this alternative. Colorbond choices include Woodland Grey, Monument, Cottage Green, Pale Eucalypt or Deep Ocean. Just ask if you need a custom colour. Skirts of kickboards that are 30cm in height are also available to help keep rodents out of your aviary.


Flat or Peaked Roof

Bird Gazebo Deluxes have a mesh roof as standard, but a flat Colorbond roof (made with mini fluted iron) or a peaked roof (made with flat Colorbond iron) are also available and look fantastic. These add quite a bit of height to the aviary which your birds will be sure to make use of. Perches can be attached across the top of the aviary to make use of the peaked roof space. 


Insulated Flat or Peaked Roofs

Need your roof insulated? No problem. We provide an insulation kit which includes 7mm silver encased foam insulation (Ametalin Thermalbreak) sandwiched between your solid roof and aluminium composite panel sections. Available with both the flat or peaked roof upgrades. We can also offer insulated walls, so please ask if you also require this option. 


Floors & Castors

These bird aviaries are made standard with an open floor for you to position your cage on either lawn, garden or pavers. You do have the option, however, to have a fixed solid or mesh floor in the base of your cage if you prefer. Mini mesh floors can help reduce rodents from entering your aviary. Optional castors are also available if you plan to move your enclosure around on pavers or concrete on a regular basis. These floors are not removable trays. 


Safety Entry Cage/ Catch

If you're concerned about your previous birds escaping while you're entering the cage, safety entry cages provide extra protection. These go on the front of the aviary in front of the Gazebo door. You can enter the safety cage, close the door behind you and only then open the door of the Bird Gazebo Deluxe and enter to prevent any escapes. If ordered, this will be made in the same framework colour as your Bird Gazebo and can made made in galvanized or stainless steel 25mm or 12.7mm mesh. Powder coated mesh upgrade is also available on the safety cages.


Perches, Feeders & Shelves

Now is the time to think how to fit out your aviary to enrich the space for your birds. Royal Finch have three sizes of perches available: 25mm, 19mm and 12mm diametre (ask if you need another size). These come with specially designed brackets that enable you to attach your perches at any angle on any wall around your aviary.

The perches come in appropriate sizes to suit your aviary but can easily be cut down if a smaller length is preferred.

These perches have also been machined to create uneven surfaces on the perches which is ideal for birds. No contaminants, adjustable angles and uneven surfaces for your birds' feet - the ideal perches!


Assembly and Delivery


Assembly Requirements

These aviaries are delivered flat packed but are very simple to put together. They come with detailed, illustrated instructions. Most enclosures take around 1-1.5 hours to assemble. You'll need a rubber mallet, an electric drill and a number 2 Philips-head driver. Videos links are also provided with the instructions to assist even further. 


Delivery Time

All cages are made in our purpose built premises in Willaston in South Australia. We aim to dispatch cages approximately 1-2 weeks after an order has been placed. Delivery with TNT generally then takes between 1-2 weeks to arrive. If you live in SA, pickup from our premises is most welcome.

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Mini Description Mid sized hexagonal bird aviary. 1.6m wide and 1.9m tall.
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